Rebeccah J. C. Brown, Ph.D.

Dr. Brown joined SpineMedica LLC, an early-stage predecessor company to MiMedx, in 2005. She initially served as the Director of Project Management and Senior Engineer for SpineMedica, and later served as its Director of Research and Development and as Vice President of Operations. In those roles, she was instrumental in the development and launch of the Company’s HydroFix® technology. Since the Company’s inception, Dr. Brown was been leading the Company’s product development efforts, including growing and managing the intellectual property portfolio. Following the combination of SpineMedica with MiMedx, Inc. in 2007, Dr. Brown has served as the Company’s senior executive responsible for Product Development. In April 2013, Dr. Brown was named Vice President of Product Development, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.

Dr. Brown has over twenty years of experience leading teams to produce innovative and impactful products. She has worked at companies ranging in size from 12 employees to 120,000, and has an impressive track record for integrating customer needs with company goals.

Before joining SpineMedica, Dr. Brown worked as Project Manager and Staff Engineer at SaluMedica, LLC, a medical device company pioneering the development of devices to replace soft tissue throughout the body. While a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology where her research focused on the durability of orthopedic implants, Dr. Brown also worked with SaluMedica, as well as Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Advanced Tissue Sciences. Dr. Brown designed and fabricated mechanical testing systems to evaluate the durability of cartilage and cartilage prostheses.

Dr. Brown has also worked at Centerpulse (formerly Sulzer Medica) in Winterthur, Switzerland as a Research Engineer where she investigated xenograph amd tissue engineering options for articular cartilage repair and treatment. Before Centerpulse, Dr. Brown worked as a Product/Process Engineer at Hewlett-Packard.

Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. and M.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and a S.B. in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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