Short Selling Commentary

Over the last several months, the Company has posted numerous responses to allegations that have been made against it and its employees. As has been previously discussed, the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors is conducting an independent investigation into current and prior-period matters relating to allegations regarding certain sales and distribution practices at the Company, including allegations made by certain former employees and short sellers. The Company therefore will not continue to post responses to allegations.

We have designated this space on our website to place information that will inform shareholders of the short selling activities in our stock.  We will make posts to this site as necessary.  However, we will not always be in a position to press release the fact that new information has been placed in this area.

MiMedx understands the balance between longs and shorts and the role each plays in our stock market, and MiMedx has absolutely no issues with investors legally short selling stocks. However, illegal short selling must be confronted and stopped. One of the ways short selling turns ILLEGAL is for there to be false data maliciously dropped into the marketplace for the purpose of manipulating a stock's price. It is incumbent upon any publishing author or entity to verify the credibility of their sources and the completeness of the information they receive.


December 13, 2017

For many months, MiMedx has answered on this site all the regulatory related allegations from the illegal short sellers by presenting actual facts and the related regulations and laws. Each time, their allegations have proven to be incorrect. As far as the Company is concerned, these allegations have been created for stock manipulation purposes and are coming from unreliable sources. There is a clear demonstration that these individuals do not understand normal healthcare business and governmental processes and procedures. It is also clear that factual information is not their goal because the allegations are so incorrectly stated.

The previously debunked allegations are beginning to be recycled. Therefore, their new material is no longer very original.

MiMedx will continue to address these allegations even as ridiculous as they are. We are doing this because it is the professional way to approach this matter. Also, this should prove to be extremely helpful in assisting the regulators with their review of all this misinformation and these false allegations. MiMedx would recommend to its shareholders to review the SEC Updated Investor Alert entitled "Social Media and Investing -- Stock Rumors" which is dated November 5, 2015. This publication clearly delineates the goals that illegal short sellers have when they develop their "Pump and Dump" and "Short and Distort" campaigns to manipulate the market.

As this SEC bulletin clearly delineates, these are illegal actions that are taking place in this "Short and Distort" attack against MiMedx. It is our sincere hope that the SEC and other regulatory agencies will understand that these matters are out of control and that they will take some swift and tough action to hold these individuals and institutions accountable. MiMedx will certainly do its best to encourage that action, and we encourage our shareholders to do the same.

December 14, 2017

Mr. Cohodes, you have referred recently to MiMedx ‘Goons’. It would be informative for everyone to know just who you are calling ‘Goons’. Could these be federal regulators?

December 28, 2017

“When someone is making a fool of themselves, do not interrupt”. (author unknown)

These “short sell” tweets and no name publications all have been emotionally driven with no logic, common sense or business acumen behind the comments and allegations. Generally, MiMedx will not respond unless there is an issue that has actual regulatory or legal implications. Much of the commentary consists of old allegations that have been previously refuted on our website. There is no point in responding to meritless business allegations and the demeaning comments about MiMedx personnel.

MiMedx is continuing to cooperate with the SEC in supplying documents and information, and the company expects that the eventual conclusion will be the definitive resolution on these illegal short selling matters. Company executives look forward to setting the records straight on all of the meritless allegations.

Mr. Cohodes,
You have posted on your website and discussed a fraudulent document written by someone who has a short sale thesis on the company. This document is supposedly from a current MiMedx employee and it contains numerous false and ridiculous allegations. The document was sent to numerous newspapers, law firms and several of our competitors. I am asking you to remove this particularly egregious and fraudulent creation from your website and future commentary.

Also, you have never answered our question regarding who were the “MiMedx Goons” you have been referring to in your tweets who came to your home a couple weeks ago. I suggested that if they were federal agents, you should post an apology. Either way, it would be appropriate for you to inform everyone who you were calling “MiMedx Goons”. Thank you.


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