AmnioFix Patient: I went to my primary care doctor to help me lose weight. The traditional diet and exercise is really the best way to go, and the diet part of cutting calories was not an issue. It was the exercise part that was the problem. And at the time that I started the weight loss, which was about eight months ago, I could barely get through a half-mile walk. And in order to go any further than a half-mile, my doctor knew that I would have to take quite a bit of ibuprofen. I would have to ice my joint about an hour before I was going to go on the walk, and maybe I could get through a mile.

I went to Dr. Alden, and he told me what my options were; that I did have arthritis in my knee. And he explained AmnioFix to me, and to me it made sense to try that.

I thought cortisone maybe would be an option or knee replacement. I had never heard of AmnioFix prior to my visit with Dr. Alden. He explained to me the success that they were having with previous patients, and that they had been studying them and following them for quite a period of time. So they had data that showed great success rates, so that reassured me that this is something that I wanted to try.

My BMI has dropped 10 points. I’ve lost 70 pounds. My blood pressure medication has been cut in half. My joints are feeling better because I lost weight, but also my weight loss has been facilitated because I was able to increase my activity so much.

So I have to say, that overall, my health has improved greatly in the last year. And AmnioFix was able to allow me to increase my activity; it’s made a huge difference in the quality of my life. We did buy bicycles, a year or two ago, that we weren’t able to ride when we bought it because we couldn’t bend our knees enough to do that. So, I’m anxious now, when Spring comes, to see if we’re going to be able to get on there and accomplish that.