Healing Gifts

The MiMedx® Placenta Donation Program, Give the Gift of Healing, provides an opportunity for mothers delivering full-term Caesarean section births to donate their placenta (often referred to as “afterbirth”) for medical uses. The placenta is normally discarded as medical waste. However, through donation, the family can provide a priceless gift of healing to those in need. This generous gift creates a personal legacy for the family and newborn knowing that they are helping individuals who require treatment for their difficult-to-heal wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and burns, or soft tissue injuries, and even those undergoing spine, eye and oral surgeries.

MiMedx is honored to be entrusted with the precious gifts donated to us by the mothers participating in Give the Gift of Healing.  The placenta and its amnion/chorion membranes are rich in many elements that can be vital to healing numerous medical conditions.  MiMedx has developed the special PURION® Process technology that preserves the properties that are crucial to the healing process, and through our technology, we produce allografts with remarkable healing capabilities. The allografts derived from the placentas entrusted to our care, have helped patients in countless medical applications in the wound care, surgical, sports medicine, ophthalmic and dental sectors of healthcare.

In recognition of the placental donations we are privileged to receive, we have formed our philanthropic mission and developed the MiMedx Healing Gifts Program. Through Healing Gifts, MiMedx engages in noteworthy philanthropic endeavors ranging from eye surgeries in Guatemala to programs treating disadvantaged patients across the United States. We are proud of the impact Healing Gifts has made for many patients.

MiMedx is committed to expanding the reach of Healing Gifts to thousands upon thousands of less fortunate patients. Our goal is to make our PURION processed tissues available to serve the medical needs of the widest possible group of patients who can benefit from the healing generated by the tissues we process. To this end, the Company continues to actively pursue partnerships with philanthropic and non-profit programs. We pledge to be generous in our sharing of our resources and talents to serve the unmet needs of underserved patients.

We look forward to developing future Healing Gifts partnerships with the desire to affect different patient populations through monetary, product, and/or human resource based contributions.


“This video is one example of the impact that we are proud to be a part of. This program, Guatemala: A mission to restore sight, sponsored by IOP Ophthalmics provides vision restoring surgeries to the needy in Guatemala.”